The devil is in the details - art and accessories


I frequently get asked how I put a space together with art and accessories. It can be overwhelming to try to pick all of the right pieces. To be honest, I do not always know where I will put each of the pieces I've selected until I have them in the home. I encourage my clients to pick pieces they love. From there I will bring in a number of other decor items that will compliment their picks. As most of design is, it's all about balance. 

I'm not a fan of making a space look too 'cookie cutter'. I like to put a client's personal stamp on their home. Their personality needs to come through. My own home, like me, is very tongue in cheek. At my entrance I have six 24" red cherries. I am an Okanagan girl and my home is an Okanagan home. I also have 3 very large chess pieces on my landing. Not only are they interesting but they portray a part of my personality. 


For me, art has always been the finisher. It is so very personal, that you don't find art - art finds you. Some people collect art over the years that they love - again injecting their personality in their space. I also have several clients that are artists themselves and they have their own pieces throughout their homes.  Art does not have to be worth thousands of dollars to be appreciated. Your art pieces simply need to speak to you in some way. 

Once art and accessories are selected, we put it all together. But remember, not every piece can be the star of the show. You have some headliners and some supporting cast members. It might take a few tries to get it right (keep your receipts!). But after saying all of that, if it's still intimidating you or just plain not us. We are glad to help.