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Why I Chose a Design Business.

All of us are born with creativity. Some of us have found it and some of us are still searching for it. Happiness results from expressing that creativity. So, if you haven’t found yours I highly suggest you start the pursuit.

My creativity was lost until I got in the design business. I don’t think my superhero strength is as a designer. I think I am a good designer. But I think I’m a better businessperson. My creativity started with Home Design and transformed into industry design. I managed to put a unique spin on a very old industry.

I think part of the lack of creativity some of us experience has come from a world that tells us how to do things. Instead of allowing us to explore and to figure out how to fix problems or create opportunities, we search online for somebody else’s experience. And that’s easy – but easy isn’t always the best answer. My background was in finance. I only knew how to do what I had been taught in that world. My thought when I was building my company was that if it worked in that world it probably had a pretty good opportunity to work in the next industry I was going to be in.

Interestingly, it was a game changer.

My challenge to you would be to figure out something that you know that maybe you think isn’t special or important. To use that information to change something or do something that has not been done before. Creativity isn’t just art, being creative means being prepared to try out new ideas.