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The Tv Dilemma

This is a two-sided story – and forgive me if it comes across with a bit of gender stereotyping, however, this is based on many, many real-life experiences. I spend a great deal of time planning the design of my clients’ great rooms. From dramatic windows, to creative fireplaces, each plan is crafted with care. Imagine my delight when I find out that in this beautifully constructed room, there will be a 70” TV above the fireplace – this is where the stereotyping begins – yes, it’s almost always the man. And I get it – we are hooked on our televisions and devices. Truly, I understand. But please…there needs to be a better way!

How can we achieve balance between the aesthetic of the room and the need for TSN? Let’s take a look at my top tips:

Offset the TV – create a built in beside the fireplace. This will allow for something a whole lot nicer above the fireplace – like, oh I don’t know, art? You can create more mystery by choosing a dark colour of wood for the built in – it will do a better job of hiding the TV.

Use a TV lift – you can have a lift that goes up or down – as long as you have the room within the wall to do this, you can have that same offset plan as above, but have the benefit of hiding the TV in the wall. Lifts vary in cost – make sure you have access to the lift if you ever need to do a repair.

Frame TVs – these TVs look like art when not in use – brilliant! You can purchase endless artwork options or even upload a family photo if you prefer.

Sliding cabinet doors or art – this works if you have room to slide the doors – again, if you plan this ahead it can work.

Buy a motorized projector – this will hang from your ceiling. You can even go for a 100” size! The resolution on these projectors is so much better – really a cinema-like experience.

Hopefully I’ve given you some inspiration to your Great Room Design. You don’t need to battle this one out. It is the art of comprise!