2018 - Gold Tommie Award

Excellence in Any Room - New or Renovation

 2018 - Silver Tommie Finalist

Excellence in Kitchen Design - New Home

Excellence in Any Room - New or Renovation

Excellence in Single Family Detached Home


L.A. Butcher

Client - Kelowna

“I have hired Trisha several times over the years and have referred her to several friends and family who have all used her to design various projects. What I like about Trisha is her versatility. She decorated my brothers modern townhouse and it is truly a work of art fit for a magazine. 

But for someone like myself who is a little bit afraid of change, she always works within my comfort level to make my spaces beautiful while respecting that I prefer cozy and familiar to sleek and dramatic. She knows everything about colour and space you’d expect a designer to know, but she is exceptional to me because of the way she adapts to each client and gives them a design that reflects their style and personality. She truly makes a space reflect the best version of me.

D & J Koepke

Client - Kelowna

B. Farnquist

Client - Kelowna

I have been working with Trisha and her team over a period of two years. They are helping with some minor renovations and styling of my new, previously owned home. They have been efficient and clearly attune to my decorating style, lifestyle needs and budget throughout this ongoing project.  I highly recommend Isabey interiors.