Trisha Isabey

Trisha would like to impress you with her many degrees in interior design and architecture, but she is from a completely different background. She was a true born designer who spent 15 years as an Investment Advisor, managing people's money. She found herself in the unique position, after retiring to have kids, of getting to do what she loved and was naturally good at.

"I've been so blessed to be able to do the projects I was given. No advertising - just word of mouth. The best training I've received has been experience. I've done commercial, restaurant, hotel and residential. I like it all. Each area has it's own rewards and also it's own challenges.  I like to see a project through from beginning to end. It is so exciting to see the look on my clients' faces as things begin to transform."

Art. That's what it is. Places to live and enjoy. Why not? It's just better that way!


Alyx Walsh

Alyx Walsh is an interior designer and decorator from the Kelowna area. Studying at BCIT in Vancouver, Alyx has spent 5 years in the business, working on both residential and commercial design, while spending her spare time writing design blogs and revamping specialty home decor websites. With residential design being her passion, with a penchant for kitchen and bath design, she is passionate about her work. Her goal is to have her clients love design as much as she does. 

She loves to see the building blocks of a beautiful design - from the plans to the paint colors and material choices - come together in harmony to create a phenomenal finished product. 


Sarah Kidd

Sarah moved to the Okanagan in 2011 from Scotland with an honor's degree in Interior Architecture. Having the opportunity to work in an architect's office throughout her studies in Scotland gave her great insight and an early experience in the design industry. She also had the opportunity to travel to multiple European cities, which encouraged her love for historic buildings and the contemporary take on combining old and new design elements. 

Sarah is passionate about all design aspects from fashion to furniture. She strives on capturing each client's unique taste. Sarah believes it is important to communicate and involve her clients' which therefore allows them to be as enthusaistic about their project as she is, throughout the design process. 


Katharine Smart

Katharine has a love of all things design. She's always been fascinated by how different rooms can create different feelings and moods. How the right combination of colours. textures and details can really merge your lifestyle with your space. 

She has particular interest in renovation and reimagining of existing spaces. Her favourite thing is the combo of high and low to bring a truly unique look to a space. She wants your experience and personality to be expressed. 

Katharine is currently living in Whitehorse, Yukon where she is bringing northern flair to the spaces she designs. In her spare time she is the Yukon's resident Pediatrician and mom of two fabulous little ones. 



Arlene Henderson

Design Assistant

Arlene is a long time resident of the Okanagan and has worked in Kelowna for many years. Arlene has experience in both retail and commercial design, working closely with Trisha in her business and personal life. 

"I have a passion for design and love the history of architecture." Travelling around the world is such an inspiration. It's wonderful to see just how we are able to put together a look that our clients love. 


Tina Belanger

Office Manager

Tina has lived in Kelowna since 1994 and enjoys everything that the beautiful Okanagan Valley has to offer. 

As the Office Manager for Isabey Interiors, she keeps everything in line from orders and shipping to accounts and invoicing. While her background was focused on the hospitality industry, her passion for interior design is ever growing.