A Romantic Getaway

Spending more time inside during the winter months is inevitable for most, especially for us in colder climates, brrrrr. But this year, we decided to make the most of our time inside and thought, why not build a fort? And by fort, we mean an incredibly romantic tent complete with twinkle lights, pillows, throw blankets and some adult beverages! This is DIY project will keep you buys for the weekend and is by far worth it for the months to come!



Base Materials

 Heading on over to RONA, I picked up 4 - 11' L x 3" W wooden dowels. RONA is a GREAT place to find most of your building needs, especially for DIY projects. The staff are incredibly helpful (especially when you tell them what you're about to make - they get right into it with you).  I also picked up some white paint to do a few coats on the dowels, rather than leave the wood exposed. This was a personal preference - if you like the look of the wood, then leave them as is!

Getting them home, and in my elevator (tight squeeze!), I used what I could find around my apartment to prop up the dowels and started to paint!


Our lovely seamstress Keterina met with Trisha and I to talk about how we were going to make our ideas into reality, and what fabric we should use for the ethereal look we had envisioned. After going over height and base dimensions, she headed on over to Fabricland and found the perfect fabric!! 

Since we wanted to be able to reuse the fabric, for various things, she suggested paneling the pieces together, and holding them at the top with a drawstring. So no matter what size we wanted the tent, we had the allowance to make it bigger or smaller. 



Using jute twine, I tied together two of the dowels as the base starting point for our tents structure. Once I had those in place, it took our team to put the rest together. While Trisha and Keterina held separate dowels, I scrambled up the step ladder to tie everything in place. 

Finished Project

Once we had the tent together and fabric in place, we started to decorate with our favorite pieces from around the house! Bringing in blankets, throw pillows, candles and lanterns, our vision really started to take place. Cindy from Wild Valentine Design created some beautiful floral pieces to add to our romantic set-up, and it really completed the entire look! We adored putting this project together and we hope you do as well!


Photography: Melissa Carl

Florals: Wild Valentine Design



Alyx Walsh