The Decorated Entry

I must admit over the years as I drove through those picture perfect neighbourhoods - the Wisteria Lanes of Kelowna - I often wondered about the 'decorated entry'. Who has the time to create these stunning outdoor arrangements? Why do we need to do this? Yet, at the same time, I wished someone would just come over and do it for me. This year however, Alyx and I took it upon ourselves to create our own decorated entry. And I can honestly tell you, we loved getting into it!

I also must admit that I've never been overly crafty. I have great vision and even better delegating skills. So when my wonderful Alyx suggested I join her in spray painting pumpkins, I hesitantly nodded. Inside I was not convinced I was getting my hands dirty. Go ahead and judge. I'm comfortable with it.

Photo 2017-10-04, 3 40 52 PM.jpg

We got our plans in place and set out with tarp and spray paint in hand. I watched Alyx for the first bit and then grabbed a can of gold spray paint and gave it a shot. It was so much fun and so easy to do. The gourds and pumpkins looked so amazing in the white, black and gold. I wanted to go inside and grab a bunch of things in my house to spray paint, but Alyx held me back. I'm a little bit like Gold Member in Austin Powers. 

Photo 2017-10-04, 3 53 31 PM.jpg

Once the pumpkins and gourds were dry we started our set up. It's important not to overwhelm the entryway. You want it to look full but not cluttered. I also think there needs to be some balance - don't overweight one side. The last piece of setup is to ensure you have varying heights. You can achieve this with taller items or use crates, barrels, or small tables to set your items on. 

Photo 2017-10-07, 11 01 31 AM (1).jpg

What other items do you need? I scoured a few home stores for fall related pieces. Baskets, buckets, and crates, pussy willows, wheat, and other interesting accent pieces. For a more vintage or country theme you can use an old ladder or broom to create height behind your display. A rustic wheelbarrow would be great to have the pumpkins and gourds spilling out of or old apple crates. 

Our theme was modern so we had a white, black and gold theme. I wanted to make the large pumpkins pop so we stenciled the house numbers in gold. To achieve fullness we used two pots of chrysanthemums in a brilliant red. 

Photo 2017-10-07, 1 21 53 PM.jpg

In the end it was a lot of fun. And now I'm one of those people, LOL!! Needless to say, we offer this is a service to those of you that don't want to get your hands dirty! We will do a seasonal theme for you - Christmas is coming. Stay tuned!

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Trisha Isabey